A Sweet Samantha XO Cookie Cake - also known as a Cookie Cream Tart -  is a delectable double layer of vanilla sugar cookie sandwiched together with delicious vanilla bean buttercream, then topped with a variety of cookies, macarons (not pictured) meringues and all things Christmas and YUM! The Christmas Tree Cookie Cake is approximately 11 inches tall and 11 inches across at the widest point. It comes gift-boxed in a window topped box with Christmas themed ribbon! It will feed between 15-25 people, with serves depending on how big or small a slice your guests might want! Please note: These tarts are labour intensive, so orders will be limited and available for pick up only on the 23rd or 24th of December (or by prior arrangement).

*** THE CHANGE THIS YEAR IS COLOUR! IF YOU HAVE S COLOUR PREFERENCE PLEASE MESSAGE ME AND I’LL CHANGE UP THE COLOURING TO SUIT YOUR THEME! Personally I’m thinking chocolate overload could be a winner! - I will add these options soon ***

Cookie Cake

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  • Available for pick up only on the 14th, 21st & 24th of December.